Wilderness Wandering
Wilderness Wandering

The school bus

March 12, 2016 we bought a 40’ flat nose 1997 Thomas MVP school bus, with a Cummins 5.9 turbo diesel in the back. We bought it on an online auction from the Plano ISD in Dallas Texas. Our plan is to convert this school bus into a camper for our family. Our final build will have a bunk room for the kids, a shower, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and a master bedroom.  

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EPISODE 1 - we bought a school bus

My wife and I had been thinking about buying a school bus to convert into a tiny home for over a year. In the late spring, when the school districts sell off their unwanted buses, we began looking at online auctions until we found several buses that fit our criteria for a conversation.

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EPISODE 2 - air conditioning