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EPISODE 7 - Odds And Ends

Justin McCormickComment
EPISODE 7 - Odds And Ends

As we get close to finishing the demolition stage of the bus there are lots of odds and ends. Most of the individual jobs are not huge projects by themselves, but together made for a couple busy weekends.

Removing the stop sign

This was easy and quick to accomplish by unscrewing the sign from the bus and cutting the wires. I had considered keeping the sign since it added to the personality of the bus, but decided it was probably better to have one less thing to worry about. 

Removing the air door

The air door parts I removed consisted of air hoses, valves and an actuator. I plugged the air regulator with a ¼” NPT plug.

Removing the Hatches

When I picked up our bus I noticed that the emergency hatches had a slow leak, so I decided just to pull out the hatches. The plastic was in such bad shape that it began to crumble as I started removing the screws. I plan on recovering the hatches with sheet metal and then cutting a new hole, sized 14x14 so I can use the opening for air conditioner 

Removing flasher lights

I plan on replacing the red and amber lenses on these flasher lights so that I can use them as flood lights. I removed the whole light so that I could clean them properly and put on new gaskets.

Removing school bus decals

In preparation for painting the roof, I began the task of removing the reflective decals. I found that the best tool for this job was a Gator Grit Paint Stripper. It was harsh on the metal surface so I sanded it out smooth and added primer on the bare metal. 

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