EPISODE 3 - Moving the Bus


When we bought the bus this summer we were fortunate enough to have a space to park and work on it. A truck yard about 25 minutes from our home. It had plenty of space and a power outlet we could use.

We never had direct contact with the actual owners, instead communication was through a friend who worked at the truck yard. However, when she suddenly lost her job the owners wanted the bus gone. We had until the end of the month to move the school bus, which was a complicated endeavor.

First, the bus was not drivable. The battery was disconnected and I was in the middle of tearing out the wiring for the AC system. Suddenly having to get that all finished and figured out was lots of pressure.

But the larger challenge was finding a new location to park and work on the bus. Finding a parking place is easy enough. There are plenty of RV storage facilities, one even a few blocks from our house, but finding space to actually work on the bus is difficult. I also did not want to drive the bus too far away since it is not registered, has not plates, and I do not have a CDL to legally drive it. A cop seeing that beast roll by with no license would be pulling it over in a heartbeat.

So with the difficulty of finding a new home for the bus, and the task of getting it running by the end of the month, I was stressed. However, things fell into place at the last minute. A couple friends came out on the weekend and helped me figure out how to get the wiring hooked back up. It was mostly guess work, but it after a morning of cutting and splicing wires we got the bus started. 

Then we had some other friends offer their yard for us to park and work on the bus. And the best part was that it was only 10 minutes away on backroads. So with the bus up and running and a place to park it we departed Sunday morning from the truck yard. Twenty minutes latter it was comfortably parked in its new home.  

Justin McCormick grew up in the Yukon Territories in a cabin on Nisutlin Bay. Being surrounded by the majestic and harsh wilderness of the north, he developed a passion for canoeing, hiking, mountain climbing and skiing. He currently resides in Texas and is trying to impart his passion for the outdoors to his four children.