EPISODE 8 - Painting the Bus

EPISODE 8 - Painting the Bus

I am not a big fan of painting. It’s a messy process that I am not proficient with. That being said, it is exciting to see how much paint transforms the appearance bus.I only painted the roof, top section and the inside floors. The rest of the bus will be painted near the end of the conversion.

The top half of the bus was painted with a coat of Rustoleum primer followed by a gloss enamel. I used a Wagner paint sprayer to apply the coat. The sprayer is cheaply constructed, and is not the right sort of sprayer for the heavier paint I was using.

The result, combined with my lack of painting skill, was a less than stellar job. From a distance it looks alright, but look closer and you will see flaws. But I plan on going over everything with another coat on a later date.

The roof painting went better. I used Hy-Tech Bus Kote #2150 paint which I applied with a roller. Bus kote is an elastomeric paint which means that it seals the roof making it water tight. It also has ceramic beads which helps reflect the suns heat. It is recommended to do several coats with this paint, so I will be back on the roof to add more of this paint once I have a few days of warm dry weather.

I also painted the inside of the bus with Rustoleum to help protect any of the exposed metal from future rust. I plan on doing an additional coat of the Bus Kote paint before putting down the subfloor.

Justin McCormick grew up in the Yukon Territories in a cabin on Nisutlin Bay. Being surrounded by the majestic and harsh wilderness of the north, he developed a passion for canoeing, hiking, mountain climbing and skiing. He currently resides in Texas and is trying to impart his passion for the outdoors to his four children.